My name is Brandon Sostre and I love me some movies.  I started this site, HeyBuddyMovies.com, because I wanted to write my opinions down and also didn’t have a job at the time, so I needed some time filler.  I am a Christian.  That means I believe in a sovereign, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent and holy God, creator of all things and Jesus Christ His son who lived the perfect life I could not live and died a horrendous death for my sins, giving me eternal hope and security in Him and that I believe in original sin, the inherency of the Bible, Gods Word, and that Christ is the only way to salvation.  This is my worldview and it is how I approach movies, through that lens.  Politically I am a conservative and so I am also able to see the numerous pot shots given to those beliefs over the years in film.

Movies have been my favorite hobby since I was young and I have watched over 3200 films.  Not sure if that is a record or anything, but that’s the count of movies I have rated on my Netflix account.

I was married to the most beautiful women in the world, Abby Mcconnell, now Abby Sostre on July 1st 2006.  We are expecting our first child in February of 2011 and are very active in our church, North City Presbyterian in Poway California.

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