Quick Reviews

                Here’s a list of a few recent viewings I have gone through lately that I didn’t or didn’t want to review for whatever reason.  Hopefully I can give a short review that may peak your interests to either watch or pass on a film you might have been considering.  There can be a mix of newer/older movies with a few insights.

Victor Frankenstein


                Universal really has learned nothing since Van Helsing going by this atrocity.  Story, bad.  Characters, bland.  Visual’s, crappy.  Just everything was bad.  Stay far away from this one.  1 star out of 4

Mr. Right


                Did you like the 90’s?  More to the point, the quirky films of the 90’s.  This feels like one of those movies and it works.  Sam Rockwell is great, which is no surprise there, but so is Anna Kendrick.  Her character at first seems like she might bug you the rest of the film, but you get used to her once you get past that.  Here we have a hitman with an odd moral code; he only kills people who hire him to kill people, because they are the real bad guys.  He meets up with Kendrick’s character and they begin a love affair that draws her into the murder mix while Rockwell’s former buddy, played well by Tim Roth, tries to track him down.  The action is fun as is the dialog and the story.  Obvious blood and violence, but funnily enough, no nudity, so it’s also got that going for it.  3 stars out of 4


goosebumps poster

                I have never read a single one of these books by R.L. Stine, nor seen an episode of the television series, so I went in blind on this film.  That’s not really a big deal, because only truly diehard fans would appreciate the detail I’m sure went into the making of this movie.  The rest of us can just sit back and see what would have most likely been just a made for TV movie.  Jack Black plays the author of the Goosebumps books who has somehow managed to create real monsters from those books that he has to lock away.  His new neighbor kid accidentally breaks one open and then begins the domino effect that opens the rest and everyone has to trap them back in.  Black is very restrained in this role, which works for the movie.  The rest of the cast is fine and the humor is unfortunately hit and miss.  I had looked forward to this after seeing some decent trailers and hearing good things, but all in all, it was just a good time waster on an airplane.  It’s hard to recommend this as a family film only because I am not sure how younger kids would deal with some of the images and scenes throughout the film.  Be cautious if you child is prone to be scared easily.  2 stars out of 4

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