2016 Flop Predictions Part 2

               Here is part 2 of last weeks phenomenal list of my predictions on what will flop in the year 2016.  The idea here is to talk about upcoming movies for 2016 and why they will not be the financial success’ the studios are hoping for.  Here we go:

Pete’s Dragon (August 12th)

petes dragon poster 2016

                Just look at the teaser trailer…find it somewhere else because I’m not linking that tripe here.  Where’s the childhood wonder?  Why did the dragon turn into a Game of Thrones rip-off?  Like the next movie, I think this one will lose the number one spot to the previous weekend’s number one, Suicide Squad.  It will get the families into the seats, but not enough.  It looks too adult for kids and adults would rather stay home than watch another boring rehash of another family classic.

Ben Hur (August 12th)


                Instead of finishing off the Night Watch franchise like he should, Timur Bekmambetov decided to remake a classic.  Strike one.  Zero star power, strike two.  No one asked for this, strike three.  This will go the way Of God’s of Egypt and the Hercules movie not staring Dwayne Johnson.

Masterminds (September 30th)

masterminds poster

                I think this will be the year where Zack Galifinakis fatigue sets in, if it hasn’t already.  This film was supposed to be released last summer, but due to studio financial difficulties it kept getting pushed back.  Knowing that it took a very long time to get another studio to release the film shows that there really is no faith in its box office potential.  Magnificent Seven and Storks will still be grabbing most of the film going audience.  Expect this one to fade fast.

Inferno (October 28th)


                While The Da Vinci Code was a hit, its follow up, Angels and Demons, a sequel no one asked for, didn’t even come close.  Once again another addition to the franchise that no one asked for.  The Jack Reacher sequel will still be on top for this opening weekend and what I suspect to be a sleeper hit, The Birth of a Nation, will take from most of the adult audience that would have seen this film.  Also, two scary movies will be out around this time for the Halloween crowd.  Tom Hanks hasn’t been the huge draw he used to be even a few years ago and with no other star power, hopefully this franchise will be over with.

Bad Santa 2 (November 23rd)


                I am in the minority in this, but I could not stand this movie.  Outside of the late great John Ritter, every aspect of this film wasn’t for me.  So take this prediction of the sequels flop potential with that grain of salt.  Almost fifteen years after the first one was released we are getting yet another sequel that may arrive too late for fans of the original to flock to the theaters.  With two family films already in the theater as this one arrives, expect this to barely make a dent in the box office and come in around maybe number four for the weekend.

I will be updating these throughout the year to see if I was right or out and out wrong.

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One Response to 2016 Flop Predictions Part 2

  1. Mike B says:

    Pete’s Dragon looks terrible. Why not have another animated cartoon dragon with the leaps that technology has made since the first one.

    Masterminds is a non-starter for me. Zach G has jumped the shark long ago as far as I am concerned. This movie will be a major flop.

    I hated “Badder Santa” (the only way I saw if from blockbuster). It was uncut…I didn’t get the appeal. Bernie Mac has been long dead so how long has this sat on the shelf? Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Billy Bob T. get gunned down and killed in the first one? What is this then? A prequel? Or is this Walking Dead Bad Santa?

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